Checklist of things to do before the trip

When the time has finally come and the journey begins, it usually gets hectic again. In the end, the travelers sit in the car or at the airport and think about what else they should have done before. Sometimes the indefinite feeling of forgetting something creeps in. Tormenting questions come up that sometimes lead to calls from neighbors or girlfriends. They ask them, for example, to check the supposedly not switched off stove or to make sure that the gas tap is turned off. So that this does not happen and the holiday can start directly, there is a checklist here, which helps shortly before the start of the foreign vacation. Everything that has already been done, gets a check mark, so that nothing is forgotten.

Now it’s nearly time – Checklist for just before the start

  • Turn off the gas tap
  • Turn off the washing machine and dishwasher
  • Turn off all the lights
  • Switch off the stove
  • Remove all electrical appliances, except refrigerator and freezer, from the socket
  • Pull out all telephone and antenna cables
  • Turn down the heating
  • Bring out garbage
  • Close windows and doors tightly
  • Secure shutters

  • Insert important documents at hand
  • Pack booking documents, such as the hotel reservation or flight confirmation, and plug in the train and train tickets
  • Pack health insurance documents
  • Important medicines must be at hand
  • Pack the house key
  • For road trips:

  • Plug in driver’s license, international driver’s license and registration
  • Put road maps in the car
  • Programming navigation system
  • For air travel:

  • Prepare the cabin baggage properly, for example, observing the provisions for taking liquids with you
  • Pack your travel provisions
  • When babies and toddlers travel: do not forget diapers, pacifiers, baby food and toys.

Checklist for the departure day – to check off for a quiet trip

  • Are the fridge and trash bin empty?
  • Are all plugs unplugged from major electrical and electronic devices?
  • Is the tap on the dishwasher and washing machine closed?
  • Is the answering machine still plugged in and switched on? Please do not leave an absence message, that could attract burglars.
  • Heating switched to frost protection mode?
  • Are all windows and doors well closed?
  • Is a key for an emergency at a confidant?

Travelers should just enjoy this moment when they finally have all the stress behind them. So let your busy life days behind, take a 24hr car rental and go after your time of adventures! But first you should prepare good your travel bags. For that purpose look at my previous post about things that must be in the suitcase when traveling abroad!